The course + social setting of the Championship


The first round of the Championship will take place in the Conference Hall of the Czech Senate and will be in writing. The participants will receive envelopes with 70 questions in their language. For each of the questions there will be 5 possible answers with only one answer being correct (multiple choice method). The task of the competitors will be to mark off the right answer with circle. If the competitors realizes that he or she made mistake, they cross out the wrong answer three times and circle the right one. Time allocation for the first round of Championship is 60 minutes.


Each member of the team competes alone, without aids. Each correct answer will score one point. The ranking of the teams will be determined by adding up the scores of all their members.


The best three teams will go to the finals – the second round of the Championship. This will take place in the Knight´s Hall of the Czech Senate, the most beautiful hall of the Senate.


The whole team can cooperate in answering questions which are in the form of quotation from the Bible. This part of the Championship is spectacular and attractive for the media and spectators: competitors recieve closed envelope with scriptures quoted from the Bible. After sound signal to open the envelopes the task for all final teams is to find out as quickly as possible where the mentioned verse is located. They will use the Bible in their language.  As soon as they find the right answer they make noise with a given musical instrument and go to the Jury to show in the BIble where exactly the quotation is from. After that they go to the microphone and read the quotation and two following verses. For the right answer is one plus point, for the wrong  answer are two minus points.

Time limit to answer the question is 2 minutes. If there is no answer from the final teams or answers are given in the very same time, then the  question is cancelled.


There will be at least 7 rounds of scripture quotations. The team which will be the quickest to find out the location of the verses in the Bible will win the Championship. The Jury has the last say in the contradictory cases.


The finals is the peak of the Championship with a lot of excitement and will be followed by musical performance.


The whole championship will be covered by different Christian and non-Christian media, thus fulfilling its main aim – to spread the news and turn attention to the Book of books.



Both rounds of the Championship will be done in one day – Saturday 31st of May 2014. The first round will take (including  time for registration) about 2 hours.

Then the Jury will evaluate the results of the individual part during lunch time.

The second round after lunch – the finals itself - will take approximately three hours together with the award giving ceremony.