Rules and regulations


       The Championship will be based upon questions from the Old and New Testament.


The venue of the Championship will be the Conference Hall and the Knight´s Hall of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The Championship will be done on Saturday 31st of May 2014.


The competition teams will consist of 4 members. Each foreign participating country can establish one to three teams. 

The Championship can be attended by any participant who has reached the age of 16 in the year of the Championship. Participants will pay no fees related to their attendance in the Championship. Written questions and quotations will be in national languages of the participating teams.


It is necessary that each participating nation establish the important position of a coordinator (translator). His/her main task will be to secure translation of the questions from the English NIV Bible into the local language using a local Bible translation.


The Steering committee will send all questions and quotations to national coordinators well in advance before the Championship. All questions and answers are marked with the exact location where they are taken from the Bible - therefore making the translation much easier. Translations of all questions into local languages have to be returned electronically in due time back to Prague to be used in the Championship. Needless to say that all questions and answers have to be kept in secret by the coordinators.